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Product > Asphalt Testing > Ignition Method Asphalt Binder Content Analyser AC-I4500


Ignition Method Asphalt Binder Content Analyser


Balance measuring range:10Kg (America brand high stability balance)
Precision of balance: 0.1g
Recomond sample weight: 1000-2000g
Max. specimen weight: 4000g
Precision: 0.1%
Working room: 350x400x330mm
Highest working Temperature:800℃. Precision ±5℃ (standard working temperature: 538℃)
Technology of sencond burning and high temperature filting.
Fasting test time: 1200g sample time is 30min.
Voltage: AC380V/220V±10% 
1. The display is a 7-inch touch screen with a large amount of information displayed on the screen
2. Test process data can be displayed in real time
3. The equipment has a self-diagnosis function and a fault code prompt
4. The temperature adopts fuzzy control scheme, with high temperature control accuracy
5. After the test is over, there is a voice prompt function, and the test results are automatically printed
6. Can query and process historical data