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Product > Asphalt Testing > Electric Close Cup Flash point Fire Point Tester FP-C1


Power supply:AC (220±10%)V, 50Hz.
Heating device::The heating power is continuously adjustable from 0 W to 600W.
Heating rate::(1~12)℃/min; Controllable and adjustable.
Stirring rate: Procedure A: (90~120)RPM, Procedure B: (250±10)RPM
Oil cup:(1) Inner diameter: 50.7mm~50.8mm.
                  (2) Depth: 55.7mm~56.0mm 
                  (3) The scribed line depth of capacity of testing oil: 33.9mm~34.3mm.
                  (4) Capacity of testing oil:about 70ml
Igniting device: (1) Igniting source: gas(or other civilian fuels,the same below)
                              (2) Electric ignition. Gas flame diameter:3.2mm~4.8mm
Thermometers: Mercury-in-glass thermometer.Specifications are as below:
                              (1)Scale -5℃~110℃, division 0.5℃。
                              (2)Scale 20℃~150℃, division 1℃。
                              (3)Scale 90℃~370℃,division 2℃。
Ambient temperature: ≤ 35℃
Relative humidity: ≤ 85%
Maximum power consumption: 650W