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Product > Asphalt Testing > Automatic Intelligent Cooling Low Temperature Asphalt penetrometer Asphalt penet


Temperature measure range: 00.00-99.99℃

Temperature control: 20℃ lower than room temperature to 60℃;

Temperature division: 0.01℃

Temperature control accuracy: ≤±0.1℃

Time control: 0-60s/0.1s

High precision LVDT displacement sensor, no friction when needle drop

Measuring range: 50mm/0.01mm

Standard needle: 2.5g±0.05g

Plunger, needle and needle holder: 50g±0.05g

Penetration cup: dia. 55x35mm

 IV. Feature

1. [Touch screen man-machine interface] display, storage and operation;

2. [Quick Needle Adjustment] Coarse and fine adjustment;

3. [Accurate quality of needle bar assembly] 100g±0.05g;

4. [Integrated constant temperature water bath] heating/cooling, ±0.05;

5. [Test result judgment] After the test is over, the result will be automatically judged;

6. [Multiple data processing] According to the data, the penetration index PI, equivalent softening point T800 and Equivalent brittle point T1.2;

7. [Data storage export] U disk data transfer;

8. [Data network upload] ModBus protocol of 485 interface;

9. [Powerful help function] Graphic help, document mention