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EDG-2A /2K Non-Nuclear Device for Asphalt (see Figure1-1) is the second generation of products that have been upgraded on the basis of the first-generation Non-Nuclear Device for Asphalt, which is developed by our technical personnel based on years of experience in engineering testing.

EDG-2A /2K Non-Nuclear Device for Asphalt can quickly test the density and compactness of asphalt, RCC, water stabilizer and other materials. The use of electromagnetic induction technology to replace the nuclear source radiation method is low cost and high security. Users do not have to worry about tedious environmental assessment applications, time-consuming training, and strict transport control. The instrument calibration is simple, the precision is high, repeatability is good, the touch screen operation, the user can complete the relevant operation training in a short time, master the technology of the spot quality inspection.

●  Fast and accurate material density and compaction test.
● The use of non-nuclear technology means exemptions from licensing, service charges or security considerations.
● You can read the data accurately in three seconds.
● Touch screen operation, easy operation.
● No other method calibration, site direct test.