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Product > Steel Testing > Digital Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine U-H300B/600B/1000B


Digital Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine
It is suitable for doing testing experiments such as the tensile, compression, bending and shear testing for all kinds of metal materials and nonmetal materials such as plastic, concrete.
Capacity: 300KN/600KN/1000KN
Precision: Class one
Load measuring range: 2%-100% FS
Loading accuracy: 1%
Loading resolution: 0.01KN
Displacement accuracy: 1%
Piston moving speed: 0-70mm/min.
Piston stroke: 200/250mm
Beam moving speed: 0-270mm/min
Effective tensile span: 0-550/ 600/700mm
Effective compression span: 0-450/470/500mm
Round specimen clamp: dia. 0-32/13-40/20-60mm
Flat specimen clamp: 0-15/30/40mm          
Clamp width of flat specimen: 75mm
Size of compression plate: 205mmX205mm
Bending stick distance: 350/500mm
Bending stick width: 120mm
Bending degree allowance: 150mm
Oil pump power: 1.5Kw
Beam moving motor: 0.5Kw
Displacement testing device: Staff
Overload protection: 2-5%
Weight: 2000/2800/3000Kgs  

Clamping jaw: 0-20, 13-40, 40-60mm total 12pcs;
Bending testing seat, bending testing plug
Mechanical extensometer (optional)