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Product > NDT > MSJY-8SK Integrated Type Deep Scanning Metal Locator Rebar Detector



● laser technology, left and right laser instructions use, repeat the test to avoid not in the same position, before the laser will focus on the location of the laser is certainly the top of the bar will not be delayed.

● laser fixed tendons, sound reinforcement, cursor fixed tendons and tendons to determine the middle of the two bars, aiming box and indicator light tips, easy to punch core. Several functions into one, to determine more accurate.

● three-dimensional display of real concrete internal situation, the main reinforcement, stirrups arranged up and down the software can be clearly resolved (upper and lower), test software image analysis results at a glance.

● waveform scanning mode intuitive display of steel distribution, the detection of dense steel, more intuitive analysis.

● Thickness detection mode intuitive, accurate display of steel position, and can display the existing reinforcement spacing.

● can detect the middle of the two bars, aiming box and indicator light tips, easy to punch core.

● The instrument automatically stores the calibration value, to achieve rapid measurement, eliminating the need to be checked before each test trouble. (Such as special occasions, the user can also manually calibration)

● Borderless grid / section scan, waveform scan measurement up to 8m length.

● With storage, viewing, delete and other functions, can save 600 components or 120,000 measuring points.

● USB data transfer, you can store data through USB or wireless Bluetooth upload to the computer.

● PC professional data analysis software, data processing and report generation easily completed.

● 2.8-inch high-resolution color LCD screen (320x240 pixels).

● built-in high-capacity lithium battery, low power design, the battery can work after about 30 hours. Can carry a charge treasure (optional) to charge the instrument.

● integrated design, small size, light weight, easy to carry. 460 * 215 * 375mm, 3.9Kg.



Thickness measuring range: Dia.6-50mm

Max.range: 1-100mm, 1-120mm, 1-136mm, 5-185mm

Max. allow error: 1-59mm: ±1mm; 60-89mm: ±2mm; 90-185mm: ±4mm;