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Product > NDT > Non-destructive Brick Test Rebound Hammer


I. Use

It is used to determine the instantaneous elasticity distorts and recoils distance. by a spring to drive the hammer and drive the concrete surface through drawbar and make the test hammer drive dial rebound and indicate the recoil distance. Treat the rebound value (the rate of rebound distance and the distance between test hammer and drawbar before impacting, indicate as percentage) as one relative indexes of the concrete compressive strength. It is used to determine the compressive strength for brick, light weight concrete, other light material.

II. Technical Specification


1. Impact energy: 0.735J

2. Rebound hammer impact length: 75±0.3mm

3. Needle friction force: 0.5±0.1N

4. Needle length: 20.0mm

5. Spheric radius of elastic stem: 25±1mm

6. Stiffness of elastic pullback spring: 785.0N/m

7. Elastic pullback spring length: 61.5±0.3mm

8. Elastic hammer impact length: 75.0mm

9. Riveting stake calibrate rate: 74±2