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Product > Scientific Lab > Gas Chromatograph (GC) GC-126


Gas Chromatograph (GC)


It is widely used for petrol-chemistry, environmental protection, epidemic prevention, pharmacology, scientific research, etc..

Column oven:

Temperature range: room temperature to 400°C

Accuracy: ±0.1°C

Temperature programming: 6steps/7platform

Temperature programming rate: 0.1~60°C/min

Dual opening-door at the back of column oven

Injector system:

Can Load 3 injectors (packed column or capillary column injectors)

Have individual splitter injector, splittless injector, packed column injector.

More choices of detectors: FID, TCD, ECD, FPD, NPD.

FID: room temperature+7-400°C, detectability: no higher than 3x10-12g, c16

u-TCD: room temperature+7-400°C, sensitivity: no less than 3000mv/mg

ECD: room temperature+7-350°C, radiation: 63Ni 10-12mci, detectability: 5x10-14g/ml, r666

FPD: room temperature+7-400°C, detectability: no higher than 3x10-12g/s (P), no higher than 3x10-11g/s (S)

NPD: room temperature+7-400°C, detectability: no higher than 5x10-12g/s (N), no higher than 5x10-13g/s (P)