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Product > Scientific Lab > High-performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) HPLC-100


High Pressure Pump

Advanced double-piston pump and electronic residual technique, greatly improves the flow rate precision and repeatability of the pump.

Flow rate range: 0.001~9.999mL/min in 0.001mL/min increments

Structure: double-piston pump

Flow rate precision: <0.06%

Pulsation: ≤0.1MPa

Pressure range: 0~42MPa

Remote control: RS-232 connector, PC control

UV-VIS Detector

 Wavelength range: 190-680nm

Baseline noise: ≤±0.25×10-5AU

Spectral bandwidth: 8nm

Baseline drift: ≤0.4×10-4  AU

Wavelength accuracy: ±0.5nm

Delectability: 1×10-8g/ml (Naphthalene methanol solution )

Repeatability: better than 0.2nm

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